Dancing Improves Relationships

Whether it’s your first dance together or your 1000th, very few activities as a couple screams romance like dancing. It’s an amazing activity that brings couples closer together. Dancing not only offers the opportunity for new couples to explore what’s possible with dance but it also allows couples that have been together for many years to experience new levels of excitement and enjoyment together. Think of dance as that perfect spark to light a new romance, or the fuel needed to reignite the flames of passion!  Keeping your relationship interesting and passionate is made easier — and much more exciting — when dance becomes a part of your regular routine.

Couple dance lessons

Learn something new

Learning to dance is a wonderful activity for couples to do together. You are starting on level playing ground and exposing your vulnerabilities when you learn something new together. During this time, you may even learn something new about your partner – like how they learn! Learning to dance together will help you become more patient with yourself and your loved one and encourages you to work together as a team. When learning to partner dance, there are two roles – the leader, and the follower. You will each be learning your respected role and will each need to do your part to make the dance work. When done correctly, you will move in harmony with each other, and this is an amazing feeling!

Improve Communication

Being able to have open communication is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship. The subtle non-verbal signals that you learn in partner dancing will improve your communication and deepen your understanding of your partner. Dancing is a lot like having a conversation; One person is saying something while the other is listening and it’s not the same person talking the whole time. Here’s an example in dance terms:
The leader will initiate a movement by taking a step or changing the hold of their hand and the follower is listening intently for this signal. Once this happens, the follower will respond by executing the movement the leader signaled. At this point, the leader will follow the follower until the movement is complete. Dancing is most harmonious when partners take turns speaking and listening and are careful to never talk over each other.


In partner dancing, connection is very important. On the technical side, connection is a form of communication, either physically or visually, that makes leading and following possible. We can create a good connection with our partner through a toned frame, correct postural alignment, matching resistance, engaging the core, staying focused on your partner’s center, and keeping eye contact. On emotional side, partner dancing improves your connection as a couple. Physical touch is one of the greatest forms of intimacy and learning to dance with your loved one will undoubtedly bring you closer together. Research shows that dancing releases endorphins which are said to reduce stress and make you feel happier.
So throw on your favorite outfit, and get on the dance floor. Your relationship deserves something as special as dance.
Thank you for reading and happy dancing!


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