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Ballroom dance - footwork

Categories of Ballroom Dance

What comes to mind when you think of Ballroom Dancing? Many people picture couples dancing elegantly around a ballroom in formal wear. Though this is true, there is more to

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Sarah and Johns wedding dance - wedding dance lesson houston tx

Your First Dance

Preparing for Your Wedding Dance Your first dance is a special moment that you will cherish forever and there is nothing more magical than a couple connecting through dance. To

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Ballroom Dance Lessons

How To Dance Merengue

Merengue For Beginners Merengue is THE best dance to do if you are learning Cuban Motion for the first time! The step patterns in this dance are quite simple, which

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Husband spinning his wife during their Wedding dance

Nightclub Two-Step For Beginners

Nightclub two-step tutorial Nightclub Two-Step is one of the simpler dances of the ballroom styles and is commonly used as a wedding dance. In fact, most first dances that I

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